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Our portfolio of Global Clients consists of Leading Edge Start-Ups to Industry Titans

  • LED / SSL Components (UV, Quantum Dot, OLED)
  • LED Luminaires (OEM, Architectural, General Illumination, Distribution)
  • LED Lamp
  • LED Drivers, Power Supplies, and Controls
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • Building Controls
  • IoT (HW, SW, Infrastructure, Security, Interoperability, Cloud and Analytics)

We have a proven global track record of success completing assignments for Sr. Management positions inclusive of CEO, CTO, CIO, COO, Vice President, Director, Manager and Key Individual Contributor roles for industry leading companies.  Please contact us for references.

Some of our Successfully Completed Assignments Included:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • EVP Operations / COO
  • EVP Sales & Marketing
  • VP, Worldwide Sales
  • VP, Sales, North America
  • VP, Engineering
  • VP, Product Development
  • Global Director of Product Management, London
  • Sales Director, Japan
  • Managing Director, Vietnam
  • Managing Director of Sales, Europe
  • Country Sales Manager, South Africa
  • Director of Technology
  • Director of Product Management, NA
  • Director, Power Supply Products
  • Director of Engineering
  • Product Engineering Manager
  • Electrical Engineering Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • National Sales Manager (various US locations)
  • Reliability Manager
  • Lighting Services Account Manager, Canada
  • Materials Manager
  • Senior Test Engineer
  • Sr. Electrical Engineer
  • Sr. Mechanical Engineer